Thursday, September 10, 2009

Full Pads Practice Begins Tonight/Other CYTF Updates

By CYTF Staff

Parents and Guardians, please be reminded of the following notes from CYTF Staff:

  • We are in full pads this evening (including pants). Extra equipment will be in hand if there are any issues with gear.
  • If you have any football cleats that are too small (from previous years), please bring them to the CYTF staff table at practice. We will put the word out and see if other kids would like to use them.
  • Coaches will be fitting kids with jerseys tonight as the jersey order will be made tomorrow. It's important that all teams are fitted for jersey sizes. Samples will be on hand. Kids will also be asked for a number they would like to have (ball carriers - those under 116 lbs in Senior and 76 in Junior Leagues) can select from 1-49 and 80-89. Those over these designated weights must select 50-79 and 90-99. Kids that are absent will be assigned numbers.
  • Coaches will also be receiving free Culver's coupons this evening to give to their teams. For the second straight season, Culver's is providing FREE ice cream treats to players at designated times throughout the fall!
  • Mouthpieces MUST be formed and ready for hitting tonight. Directions on forming your mouthpiece are on the packages. A mouthpiece is required at each practice. If a mouthpiece is not with a child, one will be given to them at a cost of $1.00/each.
  • There are still a few families that have yet to pay. Payment was due at registration. Payment will be due this evening. If payment is not made tonight or arrangements are not made with CYTF Staff, these players will not be permitted to play and the league will be getting equipment back.
  • Due to increases with illnesses and sickness, we ask that players do NOT share water bottles at practice!
  • Please make sure that as parents and users of recreation fields, we clean up around ourselves at the end of each practice. As a reminder, smoking is not permitted on recreational fields.

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