Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DRAFT is this Evening - Players Will Know Who They Play For on Wednesday

By CYTF Staff:

Head coaches will be meeting this evening and drafting players for the fall 2009 CYTF season. You should be receiving a call from a coach on Wednesday at some point to let you know what team your son is playing for.

So you know, the draft is actually not a draft, but the way teams are selected is based on the ability of each player. For the past three practices, players have been ranked according to skill levels, and other items. This ranking is placed for all 130+ players according to their age and league played in.

Teams will be selected based on the most most EVEN ranking across the board. Coaches will then pick out of a hat (tags numbered #1-#4) and that is the team they are assigned to for the fall. Thus, I guess it's a "blind draft" rather than a full draft.

Players will practice with their new team on Thursday, September 10. All practices are held at Shawnee Park and practice time is at 5:30pm. Parents/guardians - PLEASE NOTE:
1. Each player must be wearing their football pants on Thursday for practice. We will be in full gear on Thursday.
2. Please mold your mouthpiece. Participants were given only one mouthpiece at registration. Players/parents are responsible for MOLDING their mouthpiece before contact begins. Instructions on this were on each package the mouthpiece came in.
3. Please wear a shirt over the shoulder pads (for safety reasons).
4. Players will be fitted for jersey sizes and jerseys will be ordered on Friday morning. Players will get to select their own number. Trial sized jerseys will be available on Thursday to try on.

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