Monday, September 14, 2009

Game Schedule Released/September 14 Updates:

By CYTF Staff

Updates for September 14, 2009

The 2009 Fall game schedule has been released, including quarter assignments for the CYTF Jamboree this Sunday! You may download a copy of the schedule by clicking on "Game Schedule" on the right side (down a bit). Additionally, CYTF rules have also been posted and are also downloadable.

Weather Issues
In the case that we need to postpone or cancel practice due to inclement weather, this website will be updated by 3pm or so that day. If there is no mention of any cancellations, then assume practice is on and a go for that evening. CYTF will only postpone practices if field conditions warrant or we have storms in the area (with lightning) or hard rain.
Get Well Soon Nathan!!!
CYTF "get well-wishes" go out to the Buccaneers Nathan and his family. Nathan has a foot injury from practice on Sunday. All coaches and players wish nothing for the best for Nathan in his recovery!!!!! Get well soon!

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