Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Day of Pre-Season Camp is TODAY - Aug 30

The final day of the pre-season camp is today at Shawnee Park. We start at 5:30pm. Please make sure each kid has a shirt over their pads. If you have equipment issues, please arrive early, We will be there starting at 5pm.


In the past two practices (and including tonight), CYTF coaches have been busily recording grades to each of the kids playing. The head coaches will attend a draft on Saturday morning. The draft is NOT open to parents - only coaches. How the draft works is as follows:

1. Based on their ranking, all kids are listed on a scale of 1-25
2. Each team is formed, regardless of league, on these rankings. We even out all of the top scoring kids, mid-range and low scoring kids and make it as even as possible.
3. Once all names are posted, we then enter the team names in a hat and draw. Each coach is assigned a team. This procedure is done for BOTH the junior and senior divisions.
4. On Saturday or Sunday, you will be called and informed what coach you will play for and the team name.
5. On Tuesday, ALL TEAMS will practice at 5:30pm at Shawnee Park. But this time, you will go to your team, not all together. We will also be fitting jerseys and taking jersey numbers at that time.


  • There will be FOUR teams in each division. 4 Junior league teams (grades 2-4) and 4 Senior league teams (Grades 5-7). This is all dictated on the numbers we have registered.
  • The Junior Division teams are: Cowboys - Coach Diamond, Giants - Coach Hurt, Bears - Coach McClard, and Cardinals - Coaches Newbern and Salinas
  • The Senior Division teams are: Packers - Coach Walters, Falcons - Coach Beasley, Broncos - Coach Moore, and Titans - Coach Sheehan.

CYTF is proud to announce that Pat Patterson Photography is again the selected and officials photographer for CYTF. Pictures, both individual and team, are slated for Sunday, September 30. Pat and his staff will have plenty of available options for all of you and will also be sending out information to all teams prior to photos day for photo options. Pat will also be available to take photos and do video for your child's game at the Cape Central High School "Champions Day< slated for Saturday, October 27 at the high school field.

Pat's information is listed to the right and below on this page!

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