Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teams Selected; Team Practices Start Tonight!

Coaches from CYTF spent about three hours on Wednesday night selecting "balanced" teams teams to participate in the 2011 season. Unlike a usual "draft" where many players are selected based on their ability to play, CYTF does it a bit differently and evens out all teams and then coaches selected a pre-determined team.

Season schedules will be posted on Friday and some will be available this evening at the fields.

AS A REMINDER, WE WILL be practicing this evening at 5:30pm at Shawnee park. This date was added to the original schedule and jerseys will be fitted for all players present. Those players not present will have a jersey size selected for them.

Here is a rundown on the teams and colors:

SENIOR DIVISION (jersey color and coach)

Broncos (orange jersey/navy numerals) - Jamie Moore
Raiders (black jersey/silver numerals) - Charles Reavis
Rams (gold jersey/navy numerals) - Darren Walters
Ravens (purple jersey/black numerals) - Casey Sheehan


Bengals (black jersey/orange numerals) - Terrance Lane
Cowboys (white jersey/navy numerals) - Roy Diamond
Giants (Royal jersey/red numerals) - Rodney Hurt
Steelers (Yellow jersey/black numerals) - Eric Redinger

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