Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're Ready... Are you?

Over 120 kids have registered to play CYTF ball this fall. We are excited to be bringing you CYTF starting with the first practice, scheduled for Tuesday, August 31 @ the Osage Centre Field along North Kingshighway.

There will be four teams in each division. Team names are:


Falcons - Coach Leimer
Chiefs - Coach Lane
Bengals - Coach Beasley
Chargers - Coach Sheehan


Cowboys - Coach Diamond
Broncos - Coach Moore
Vikings - Coach Hurt
Dolphins - Coach Reddin

The draft for all players will take place on Wednesday, September 8 and coaches will inform all players on who they play with after that.

Some Notes as We Begin the Season:

  • Players must be in full pads for all scheduled practices!
  • Parents need to be with players as they arrive for the first practices. we need to confirm paperwork for all players as they arrive.
  • If you have any old cleats that do not fit, please consider donating them to CYTF. We have a few pairs that are available for give-aways on Tuesday. if you need cleats, please see us at the registration table! A
  • Remember to mold your mouthpiece that was given to you at registration prior to coming to practice!

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