Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Clarification on Browns/Patriots Tiebreaker Scenerios

Both the Browns and Patriots are 2-2 and playing this Sunday for a chance to face the Giants on Championship day for the Senior Division title. Tiebreaker scenarios are as follows:

1. Head to Head
The Browns and Patriots have played twice and each won once. So this one is tied.

2. Points Given Up (PA)
The Browns have given up 61 points through 4 games and the Patriots 73.

Scenarios for Sunday:

1. If the Browns win and the Patriots lose, the Browns move onward.
2. If the Patriots win and the Browns lose, the Patriots move onward.
3. If BOTH teams win or lose on Sunday, the tiebreaker is points given up. Right now, the Browns are +12 over the Patriots.
4. If The second tiebreaker is tied, the third tiebreaker is points scored. Right now, the Patriots have scored one more point than the Browns.

We will soon find out who moved on to face the Giants.

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