Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thanks for a Great 2012! Look What's Coming for 2013!!!!

CYTF wishes to acknowledge everyone that took part in bringing CYTF to you for 2012. Many people do not know the time and dedication it takes for the coaches and personnel to put this on. Hours upon hours of time and effort, planning, and meetings take place each year to bring CYTF to all of you.

CYTF wishes to thank everyone that assisted in 2012:

  • All of the coaches who dedicate and volunteer countless hours for the benefit of making the kids better football players and people people - THANK YOU!
  • The officials this year - we used Cape Central High School football players as officials this year! Congratulations on a great season and well done guys!
  • The many people and parents that volunteered in the concession stand, assisted in many ways - thank you!
  • To the CYTF Board - To Lori, Lori, Roy and Casey - what an honor to work with them. We all have one view and value - to promote youth football and to get these kids better. I think that was accomplished. Remember - this is all volunteer :)
  • The the kids and parents that worked chains for us all year - a thankless job and yet one that is so necessary.
  • Our 2012 sponsors. Through financial means and support, thanks to all of you for your help in 2012.
  •  Most of all, THANK YOU to parents and family for your continued support. It's such a pleasure working with parents and seeing the joy that they have in watching their children.

An announcement was made during Championship Day by Mark Lanzotti, member of the Cape City Council. Through funding provided by the new casino in Cape, we are proud to announce that two new complete scoreboards with remote controllers are being installed in time for the 2013 season at the two fields in Shawnee Park. This will be such an improvement to CYTF and something that the league has made a priority for many years. Thanks to Mark and the City of Cape for their efforts in assisting with CYTF!

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