Monday, October 22, 2012

Championship Day Notes for Sat, Oct 27

Some notes for parents and friends of CYTF:

  • Gates will open at 8:30am at Cape Central Stadium
  • Full concessions will be offered.
  • There is NO SMOKING or tobacco use in the stadium.
  • Only players and coaches will be permitted on the field during Championship Day. Parents may come down afterward to celebrate with heir child.
  • Game day photos will be offered by Pat Patterson Photography
  • The regular stadium scoreboard will be used. The 35-second play clock will be kept on the field.
  • Parents must bring a change of clothes for their child as all CYTF gear must be returned after the game. restrooms will be available for players to change in. Gear that MUST be returned includes: Helmet and chin strap, shoulder pads, pants (with pads if applicable). Cleats may also be donated and used for players for next year.  

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