Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arena Park practices Start Tonight - Sept 27; Other Updates

Arena Park is the new PRACTICE Location

Just as a reminder, we will commence practices at Arena Park this evening starting at 5:30pm. We will be on fields #9 and #10, which are along the LaCroix trail along Hawthorne Street. These are the outfields of the two baseball fields there and along the trail.  The reason we go to Arena Park is due to the lighting provided there for teams as darkness is getting sooner each evening.

No Jerseys for Practices

As a reminder, we ask that players do NOT wear their game jerseys to CYTF practices.

Cup Orders and Money Due this Sunday

The main CYTF Fundraiser, Brax Spirit Cups, is coming to an end. CYTF appreciates everyone assisting us and making one last push to sell as many cups as they can. Order forms and cups are due on Sunday, September 30.

Team/Individual Photos This Sunday

Pat Patterson Photography will be on hand this Sunday to take team and individual photos for all teams. Order forms have been previously handed out but new ones will be available on site.  Please make sure you are there at your team time for photos:

12:00pm:         Broncos
12:15pm          Falcons
12:30pm:         Cardinals
12:45pm:         Giants
2:00pm:           Packers
2:15pm:           Titans
2:30pm:           Bears
2:45pm:           Cowboys

Battle of Junior Unbeatens this Sunday!

The 1-0 Bears face off against the 1-0 Cowboys this Sunday in a battle for first place in the Junior Division. Either the Giants or the Cardinals will pick u their first win Sunday as they face off in the early Junior Division game. In the Senior Division, the broncos look to remain unbeaten by facing the Falcons and the Titans and packers square off in the late game at 3:30pm.  

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