Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Conditioning Camp Starts Soon!

The annual CYTF Summer Conditioning Camp starts on Tuesday, July 10 at the CYTF Fields in Shawnee Park. This is a GREAT way to get players in shape and better conditioned for the fall season, which is coming soooooo soon!

Registration forms are available on this site (download and print off). Please bring the form and a check made payable to "CYTF" on July 10.

Summer Conditioning camp is from 6-8pm for the 12 dates:


Tues 10

Thurs 12
Sun 15
Tues 17
Thurs 19
Sun 22
Tues 24
Thurs 26
Sun 29
Tues 31


Thurs 2
Sun 5

Shirts, shorts, a hat and PLENTY of water should be with each player.  Players should also break in new cleats during this time. For more information, please contact Troy with CYTF at 651-2878.

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