Thursday, October 6, 2011

Say "Good Luck" or Send a Message to your Player in the 2011 CYTF Championship Day Program!

As part of the festivities for the 2011 CYTF Championship Day, CYTF staff is offering a unique opportunity for parents, family members, or even friends to say a message for everyone to see and that can be remembered a long time!

Located within the program that day, you have an opportunity to purchase an "ad" per say ..... say something about how proud you are of them, wish them good luck, tell them you love them, etc.... whatever you want to say!!!!

There are two options - a 2 x 2 ad and a 4 x 4 ad. You can even add a small photo if you'd like?

The form is located to the right . Just download it,. complete it, and get it to a CYTF staff member no later than the end of games on Sunday, October 23.

2 x 2 ads are $10.00 and 4 x 4 ads are $25.00. All money collected will go toward CYTF equipment purchases (scoreboards for 2012!)

if you submit a photo, it must be emailed. No copies of photos can be accepted. E-mail all photos to . Please state what ad the photo is for (child's and parent's name).

If you have any questions, please contact Troy at 651-2878.

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