Monday, October 24, 2011

Championship Day Lineup Set; Raiders and Giants Earn Spots

On a Sunday when there was much to play for, both Senior Division teams that needed wins could not come up with them. Thus, by virtue of both teams losing, the Raiders (2-3) backed into a Championship Game appearance with the Broncos (5-0) this Saturday at Houck Stadium.

In the Junior Division, the Giants took care of business and dispatched the Steelers to earn a spot in their championship game. They clinched a spot Sunday by virtue of the Bengals losing to the Cowboys in the first game on Sunday at 1:30.

So, here are the pairings for Saturday's Championship Day Games at Houck Stadium:

Sunday, October 29
Houck Stadium - SE Missouri State University
(Home team listed first)

10am - Junior Division Consolation Game
Bengals (2-3) vs Steelers (0-5)

11:45am - Senior Division Consolation Game
Ravens (2-3) vs Rams (1-4)

2:00pm - Junior Division Championship Game
Cowboys (5-0) vs Giants (3-2)

4:15pm - Senior Division Championship Game
Broncos (5-0) vs Raiders (2-3)

As a reminder to all attendees, Gates tot he stadium will open at 9am and entry is only permitted through he front gate along Bellevue Street. Admission prices are as follows:

Adults - $2.00
Kids - $1.00
(those 5 and under are FREE)

Once admitted, you will receive a stamp that will get you in/out all day! As a reminder, no alcohol is permitted onto university grounds. There is NO SMOKING within the confines of the stadium.

Equipment Due on Sat After the Game

Immediately after each game on Saturday, teams will line up and coordinate equipment returns to the league. Some pointers for equipment returns:

  • Please remove ALL decals from helmets; mouthpieces will need to be removed as well

  • Please bring a "change of clothes" for each player as they cannot wear league items home

  • Those items belonging to the league are: helmet, shoulder pads, pants (with pads), and chinstrap for the helmet. The jersey is yours to keep!

  • Coaches will be responsible for the return of all equipment.

Photo Opportunities at Houck Stadium

CYTF's official league photographer, Pat Patterson Photography, will be on hand all day on Saturday for package photos of your child playing at Houck Stadium. Photo packets were handed out to all players on Sunday after each game. Team and individual photos will be available to be returned this Saturday to all players that had them taken from earlier in the season.

For more information on Championship Day photos and available packages, please contact Pat Patterson directly at 335-5197.

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