Monday, October 17, 2011

Broncos and Cowboys Clinch Championship Game Appearances; Rams Notch First Win: Championship Game Pairings All Jumbled Up!!!

The Senior-division Broncos and the Junior-division Cowboys both continued their push to a championship Sunday as both teams clinched a spot in the October 29 Championship Day games at Houck Stadium with wins on Sunday.

The Broncos (4-0) continued to play strong on both sides of the ball by defeating the Ravens (1-3). The Cowboys (4-0) had a fight early in the game, but pulled away with some key plays and runs in the second half to put the Giants (2-2) away in the second half.

There are many key match ups this weekend that will put emphasis on the Championship Day pairings. Here is where we stand in regards to Championship day pairings:


  • The Broncos have CLINCHED, no matter what happens on October 23.

  • If the Raiders (2-2) win on Oct. 29, they clinch a spot in the Championship game no matter what happens in the other game.

  • The Ravens have been eliminated, no matter if they do win on Oct. 23.

  • For the RAMS to get in, the following must occur:

1. The Rams MUST defeat the Ravens on Oct 23.

2. The Rams can only give up 7 or fewer points.They would hold the tie-breaker advantage (second tie-breaker is point allowed) 0ver the Raiders in this case (Points allowed)

3. The Ravens have clinced a spot in the Senior-Division consolation game, Sat oct 29 at 11:45am. They will play either the Rams or Raiders.

So,two teams are alive - but much has to happen in the Senior Division for these things to come into play.


  • The Cowboys (4-0) have clinched, no matter what happens on Oct 23.

  • if the Giants (2-2) defeat the Steelers (0-4) on Oct 23, they clinch a spot in the Championship game, no matter what else happens.

  • The Bengals (2-2) can clinch with a win against the Cowboys on Oct 23 and a Giants loss to the Steelers. The Bengals would get in on a better record. If the Bengals lose on Oct 23, they are eliminated, no matter what happens with the Giants. the Giants hold the head-to-head tie breaker over the Bengals by virtue of a 52-0 win earlier int he year.

  • The Steelers are eliminated and have clinched a spot in the Junior consolation game at 10am on Oct 29 at 10:00am at Houck Stadium.

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