Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31st CYTF Season Gets Started With Big Wins for Bengals and Broncos

The 2011 CYTF weather-delayed season started on a rare Tuesday evening with big wins for the Junior-Division Bengals and Senior-Division Broncos. Both winning teams were dominate in their opening games.

The Bengals used an effective running game and sound play-calling to defeat the Steelers 22-0. The Broncos, led by stellar line play, handled the Ravens 30-0. Both winning teams started the 31st CYTF season on Tuesday night in commanding fashion!

The games were held Tuesday because of the vast amount of rain and stroms that hit Cape in Sunday. Two other games will be made up this Thursday. The schedule for Thursday is as follows:

Games - @ Shawnee Park Fields
5:30pm - Junior Division: Cowboys vs Giants
5:30pm - Senior Division: Raiders vs Rams

Practices - @ Arena Park (Fields #9 and #10 along Hawthorne Street by the trail):
5:30pm - Ravens, Broncos, Steelers, and Bengals

Updated standings and results are located to the right.

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