Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday #1 in the Books....

Our first Sunday of the CYTF season ended with three teams pitching shutouts. Standings for each division are listed to the right.

In the SENIOR Division, the Chargers started off quickly and defeated the Chiefs 32-0. In the second Senior Division game, the Falcons shut down the Bengals 16-0.

With the JUNIOR division, The Dolphins mounted a thorough running game and handed the Cowboys a loss 56-12 while the Broncos started the day by shutting out the Vikings 45-0.

Tuesday Practice Reminder:

As a reminder, practices will be held at a new location UNDER THE LIGHTS! The Cape Parks and Recreation Department (a CYTF sponsor!) has donated fields #9 and #10 as our new practice location. Times will remain the same (5:30pm), but just the location has changed. Fields #9 and #10 are located still in Arena Park, but across East Rodney at the intersection of east Rodney and Hawthorne. You can see the fields from the old practice location from last year - behind the 4H building.

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