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Minutes From the Winter Board Meeting- Feb 11, 2010

The Officers of Cape Youth Tackle Football met on February 11, 2010 in the Student Recreation Center at SEMO to discuss league business. Below are minutes from this meeting. For morte information, please contact Lori Vaughn, Secretary, at 334-3479.

Cape Youth Tackle Football - Winter Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2010 @ the Student Recreation Center- North (SEMO)

Members Present:
Troy Vaughn- Commissioner; Casey Sheehan- President; Dana McClard- Treasurer
Kaed Horrell- Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation; Scott Williams- Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation
Lori Vaughn- Parent; William Macbeth- Parent; Lisa Macbeth- Parent; Mitch Robinson- Parent/Coach
Francis McClard - Parent/Coach


  • Scott Williams and Kaed Horrell gave a report on the new fields construction. They presented blueprints of Shawnee park showing where the new playing fields will be. The fields will not be ready for play until Fall 2011. Soccer Field 10 and 11 ( where we played last year) will be used again this year for games. Practices will be held in Shawnee Park and Arena Park as in previous years.
The Board gave a big thank you to Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation for all the help during the season

  • Dana McClard presented the revenue and expense report of thee 2009-2010 season. The ending balance to start the 2010/2011 season with is $4,769.18.
The 2010-2011 season proposed budget was presented by Dana. The major expense is goal posts and Storage shed for the new fields. The storage shed will be used to store equipment during off season and concession stand during season. Future meeting need to discuss the fund raising for these project.

  • Troy Vaughn discussed board business
    • Examination of 2009 season
  1. rules need to changed in coaches meeting.
  2. administration- more help need in the setting up and tearing down of concession stand
  3. training of officials- can we get sponsorship to help with this?
  4. championship day- league would love to stay at Houck but in the future maybe to expensive to rent the stadium
    • The proposed dates of 2010 season were looked at by the board. See attached forms for more detail.
    • Spring camp- Saturdays - April 17,24, May 1,8
  1. Preseason camp- Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Evenings starting July 13 and ending August 8
  2. Registration dates - 2 Saturdays and 1 Wednesday in August
  3. Season running from August 31 to Oct 31.-

    One date questioned was Championship date was on Halloween. Some suggested to avoid conflicts is to start games earlier or play the junior division games first. Board did not think it would be a major conflict.

    The fees associated for 2010 are:

  1. Spring camp $40
  2. Pre-season camp $40 first child; $15 second child ( $20 of season first child; $10 of season second child)
  • 501C3 - status - Casey Sheehan is looking into filing taxes for 2009.
  • Coaches for 2010/2011 season.
1. Senior league- may need 1 coach

2. Junior league- may need 2 or 3 coaches.
Relationship with Noon Optimists:

    1. Board is very pleased with this relationship and wants to continue with it
    2. CYTF will also take over the glow-ball fundraiser from Noon Optimist. Looking at late May as possible dates. Board will need help in this fundraiser.
Old Business


New Business

  • Election of officers- two year term

Motion was made by William MacBeth to keep current board and seconded by Mitch Robinson to keep the current board members.
Motion passed.

  • By-law amendments

  1. Discussion on adding two new positions to the board: Secretary and Member -at- large.
Motion was made by Mitch Robinson with a second by Francis McClard to add two new board positions.

Motion passed

2. Discussion was made on secretary position. Current minutes were being taken by Lori Vaughn and she was asked if she would continue in the role. She agreed on it.

Motion was made by William Macbeth and seconded by Mitch Robinson to elect Lori Vaughn as secretary.

Motion passed

3. Discussion was made on member at large. Roy Diamond was nominated for the position even though he was not at meeting due to previous commitment. Roy was called on the phone and accepted the nomination.

Motion was made by William MacBeth with a second by Francis McClard to elect Roy Diamond to the at- large board member.
Motion passed

4. Discussion on changing Article V in the by-laws from 4 meeting a year to 2 meetings year. One in the winter to and one in late spring.

Motion was made by Mitch Robinson and seconded by Francis McClard to amend Article V from 4 meetings to 2 meetings.

Motion passed.

5. Discussion on taking bid from photographers to get the best deal for the league.

Motion was made my William MacBeth and seconded by Francis McClard was made to send out bid letter to photographers.

Motion carried.

Letters will be sent out by March 31 with a return date of June 1.

6. Next meeting time was set for June 10th.

Meeting was adjorned

Minutes submitted by : Lori Vaughn

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