Monday, February 8, 2010

CYTF Board Meeting Announcement - Thursday, Feb 11

The first annual meeting of the CYTF Board (Spring 2010) is scheduled to be held on Thursday, Feb 11 @ 7pm in the Student Recreation Center - North on the campus of SE Missouri State University. All interested parents and patrons are invited to attend. The meeting will cover the following topics:

1. 2009 budget and 2010 expenditures
2. Discussion of the previous season
3. Guest will include Scott Williams and Kaed Horrell - both from the City of Cape Girardeau (Parks and Recreation Department) to discuss playing locations for summer/fall 2010
4. Spring and summer camp dates will be discussed
5. Bylaws will be reviewed and discussed
6. Coaches for the 2010 season will be discussed
7. Questions from any attendees will be taken

A copy of the meeting agenda will be available on this site prior to the meeting. For questions, please contact Troy Vaughn at 334-3479.

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