Monday, October 26, 2009

Final Game Parents/Friends Information for Houck Stadium - November 1, 2009

By CYTF Staff:

There are several things to make all of you aware of for the final game at Houck Stadium on Sunday, November 1:

1. Gates will open to the stadium at 11:30am sharp.

2. There is an admission fee that will be charged. Adults will be $2.00 each and kids 4 and over are $1.00. Kids 3 and under are free to enter. Advanced sale tickets will be available at practices this week. Check with Coach Troy at practice for pre-sale of tickets.

3. After the kids play, they will hand in their game equipment (they keep their jerseys) at the end of the game in the East End Zone. They will be directed by CYTF Staff to do so. Please maker sure you bring an extra outfit for them to change into after the game. They will be able to change in the restrooms under the visitors side bleachers.

4. Concessions will again be offered and we will also be having a 50-50 drawing to benefit the league. Tickets are $1 each of 7 for $5.00

5. Please observe all rules of conduct and good sportsmanship while attending. Please note there is NO SMOKING in Houck Stadium and no gum chewing on the field.

6. All patrons must enter Houck Stadium from the main gate along Bellevue Street. All other gates will remain closed at all times.

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