Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CYTF Kids Doing Good!!!!!

By CYTF Staff:

Not only do we want to honor those kids and teams that play football in CYTF, but we also want to honor them for the things they are doing in the classroom as well. We ask that if your child has received an award or recognition in the classroom during the season, please email that info (and a photo if you have it) to us at tlv9895@yahoo.com. We would be happy to post that on the website and give your player the recognition that he so deserves! many of our players do well in the classroom - please let us know!!!!!!

Leimer, Arnn, Wisemann, and Vaughn Honored at Cape Middle School Assembly on October 13

CYTF kids doing great in the classroom.... that is what we are all about (not just football!). Thus, CYTF is proud to showcase Trent Leimer (Patriots), Ethan Arnn (Bengals), Jayrite Wisemann (Buccaneers) and Casey Vaughn (Bengals) as they were honored today at the Cape Middle School Assembly. Leimer, Arnn, and Vaughn for their "Student of the Month" awards in their respective classes and Jayrite for his "Tiger Spirit" award. Congratulations guys and keep up the great work in the classroom!!!!

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