Monday, September 21, 2009

Jamboree over; Let's Start Some Real Games!.....

By CYTF Staff:

Pre-season over - it's time for some Football!!!!!!!

8 Teams participated in the Jamboree yesterday. We saw lots of hitting, running, some scoring, some passing, and more hitting, and lots of cheering!!!

Now, it's time for the real thing. "The Quest for Houck" will commence on this Sunday, September 27 with the following scheduled games:

1:30pm: (Junior League)

Cowboys vs Jets

1:30pm: (Senior League)

Bears vs Bengals

3:30pm (Junior League)

49ers vs Broncos

3:30pm (Senior League)

Patriots vs Buccaneers

CYTF Staff Asks That Parents/Family Stay Out of the Center of the Fields
For the safety of all players and those assisting in game management, CYTF staff asks that all parents, guardians, and friends stay out of the center of the field (area between the two fields). This will assist CYTF staff during games.
Did you Get Your CYTF Shirts /Gear Yet?
Our 2009 CYTF shirts make GREAT gifts for family, friends, or even players!!!!! They come in assorted adults and kids sizes and are available at the Concessions stand each game. Kids shirts are $8, Adults are $10 and XXL are $12. Additionally, hats are coming soon and we will also be selling the CYTF Car stickers (Support CYTF) for $5/each!
After Game Clean-up
We ask that all parents and family members assist with clean-up after each CYTF game. There will be ample trash cans surrounding each field for next week, so please dispose of your trash in a proper container. Please remind your players to do so as well!
Jerseys This Week!
Players will be receiving jerseys this week for their teams. Jerseys will be given to each head coach on Thursday of practice for distribution on Thursday AFTER practice.
Patronize our League Sponsors!!!!!
A special "Tip of the Cap" to our league sponsors for 2009. Please patronize these sponsors as they are all supporters of Cape Youth Tackle Football! in 2009!

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