Monday, November 3, 2008

We Will See You All Next Year!!!

By Troy Vaughn

What a day yesterday. We had four close games yesterday during "Championship Day" at Houck Stadium. More than close games, I saw many players and parents enjoy the day on a field that few have an opportunity to play on. While everyone cannot be winners on the scoreboard every day, what CYTF did this year was bring together 110 kids and families and to have them learn a little bit about hard work, sportsmanship, being a part of a team, and personal challenges.

Before the start of one of the little games yesterday, I was prepping the teams in the east end zone. I mentioned to one of our 3rd grade players if he was having a great time. "This is the greatest day of my life," was his comment in return. the smile on his face said it all. That is what youth sports should be about - the excitement of a child making a tackle, his name being announced over the PA, parents supporting teams regardless of their records. It doesn't matter - what was accomplished yesterday was something that I and many others will remember for a long time.

There were certainly many challenges to start the year, but a dedicated group of individuals came forward and made CYTF succeed this year. I would like to personally thank the following individuals for their dedication and hard work for many months (starting in July) that made CYTF a success this year:

  • The McClard family with Dana as appointed league treasurer and Francis for developing the pre-season camp that attracted over 20 kids on many days in the summer. You guys were awesome!
  • The Sheehan family - thanks to all of you for your work on set-ups, tear-downs, and support throughout the year.
  • Dave and Becky Holter - While coach Holter did not win a game this year, his dedication on making the league succeed this year was second to none.
  • Coach Mink - for his work in 'correcting" my mistakes through the season for his help yesterday during the championship games.
  • Last but certainly not least - my own family. We spent seven Sundays for around 5-6 hours each Sunday as a family helping out youth in our community. You did it without any complaint and even Allison, my 9-year-old daughter, attended all practices and games without ever once saying she didn't want to go. I really love you guys and thanks for your support. We did it.... :)

I could certainly go on and on as there were many that did help. Most players and parents involved will not realize what it takes to run a league. We are not in this for us, but for the over 100 kids that got something out of playing tackle football this year. Everyone may not have won on the scoreboard, but everyone that played had fun and may have learned a little something about life and what it takes to succeed in it. Isn't that what it's all about????

In 2007, we had 60 players play. This year, over 100. My challenge for 2009 is 160 players. If you were pleased with the league, please pass this along to others you may know and get them involved for next year. I can assure you that will will make CYTF better and an organization that will make cape very proud.

This website will be updated throughout the "off-season" as we prepare for 2009. If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know. You can reach us at

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