Monday, October 20, 2008

October 19 Sees Week #4 Action, Championship Game Possibilities....

We certainly cannot beat the weather we have had for games, can we???? Sunday was again a good day with Cape Youth Tackle Football. All eight teams played well and we had some really close games, especially in the Big league. Results are posted below:

Andy's Frozen Custard Packers 12 VFW Post 3838 Buccaneers 6 (OT)
Broadway Prescriptions Bears 14 Merrill Lynch Broncos 6
Sailer Roofing Saints 24 Rhodes 101 Stops Raiders 0
Cape Care for Women (CCFW) Colts 24 SEMO Student Aquatic Center Seahawks 7

Here are the current standings in cape Youth tackle (as of October 20, 2008:)


Merrill Lynch Broncos 3-1
Andy's Frozen Custard Packers 3-1
Broadway Prescription Bears 2-2
VFW Post 3838 Buccaneers 0-4


CCFW Colts 4-0
Sailer Roofing Saints 3-1
SEMO Student Aquatic Center Seahawks 1-3
Rhodes 101 Stops Raiders 0-4

Championship Game Scenarios:

In the Big League, the two teams looking to make the championship game at Houck Stadium on November 2 are the Packers and the Broncos, who play each other this Sunday, October 26. The Packers essentially have clinched a spot with their win yesterday because they hold the tie-breaker over the bears (a head-to-head win against them) . With a win on Sunday, the Broncos would be 4-1 and would clinch a spot in the championship game on November 2. With a Bronco loss against the Packers on October 26, things could get interesting. If the Bears win against the Bucs on Oct 26 and the Broncos lose on the same day, there would be a 2-way for the second championship spot. We would then look at the area of "points against" in the standings, where the Broncos hold a decisive lead. Much would have to occur to see the Bears in the championship game.

In the Little League, The Colts have clinched, and they will face the Saints, who also clinched on Sunday with their win. The Colts will play the Saints for the championship at Houck Stadium on Sunday, November 2 at 2pm. The SEMO Student Aquatic Center Seahawks will play Rhodes 101 Stops Raiders at 12:30 in the consolation game.

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